Dhaka Prime Sweets Ltd.

A Brief History

Mr. Habibur Rahman, a family owned business entrepreneur and founder of the Dhaka Prime Sweets LTD Company, named the firm after the city in Dhaka where he was born.

Since it is established in 2017 Dhaka Prime Sweets has become one of the most prestigious confectionery & sweets brands in the Dhaka.

Our new & unique recipes of the founder, and the uncompromising use of only premium quality ingredients remain the secret of Dhaka Prime Sweets’s unrivalled quality and taste. Dhaka Prime Sweets’s passion for innovation combined with its deep sense of tradition, ensures every mouthful you indulge in is a truly pleasurable and new memorable experience.

From the original single shop in Jatrabari the company has opened another outlet in Police Plaza in Gulshan 1 & will grow but remains dedicated to our original motto

Website: www.dhakaprimesweets.com/home